Success Criteria at Home

Here we go team! Success Criteria is the ribbon that ties a perfect bow around learning stakeholders; from parent to child to teacher. In terms of achievement and motivation, this is the learning money maker.

NB: none of the Success Criteria here are my own. They are parent provided samples or sourced.

Success Criteria (SC) is the aligned perspective of what achievement in learning looks and sounds like. This may be for a lesson, a topic, or an entire unit. The trick is, the clearer the learner is on the SC, the closer they are to achieving it.

Success Criteria can be used in different ways:

  • A checklist for a lesson – the learner must check off each task to get to the next or they choose one task to complete.
Sourced from;
  • A summary of thinking skills – the learner must show that they have used a particular strategy within the task (see example in next section).
  • To present exemplar learning – samples of what the learning might look like at different levels of achievement.
Sourced from;

As SC is a key determinant of a child’s success in learning (you need to know how to draw a box before thinking outside it), it is up to you to find out exactly how it is being used in your classroom. Yes, parent educator, you are in the classroom to. Remote learning bought you that ticket inside. So ask your child or their teacher.

How does this translate to home?

The learning component of the SC is the verb. This is the goal.

In the classroom I would always write it in bold or underline.

e.g. Before this learner begins, are they focussing on retelling? Or adding connectives? Or injecting adjectives?

It’s the same process when they finish.

As your beautiful son finishes in record timing, grey-lead scribbled across three pages and red markings all over, “I’ve finished Miss Donald,” I mean, “I’ve finished Mum and I’ve edited.” Put your cup of tea down, take a breath and use this moment strategically.

  • “Of course you have finished and retold what has happened. Hmm, too easy I say. I’m going to give you 15 minutes to see if you can add connectives.” OR
  • “Excellent, you are flying little learner. I can see a connective in there, but I expected some interesting adjectives. Take 10 minutes and see if you can get to that next level.”

Talk to the Success Criteria. It is your tool. Your partner. Your friend.

Now, parent educator, as he scribbles away, embedding an SC, you just bought yourself 10-15 minutes to be your work self, your parent self or just yourself.

And lastly, seal the SC with a kiss. Sort of. Seal the learning by visibly ticking the SC they achieved…or better yet…get them to tick it!

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