Using SUCCESS Criteria to Motivate

So far we have upskilled ourselves in motivation and Success Criteria separately. It is time to unpack the intertwined nature of the two and build your agency as a parent educator. Yes, you are ready!

Success Criteria = the aligned perspective of achievement in a task, unit or series of lessons.

Motivation = the drive towards achievement.

We need to link the above two components to ensure REAL, independent and authentic learning. There is little purpose in completing a task because “the teacher said so.” It creates surface level learning, that’s fades quickly. Not ideal in primary school as we grow the foundations for ALL concepts for learning.

Here’s what has been said this week to drive this piece;

  • “Do I have to write another recount about my weekend, I didn’t even do anything!”
  • “Fraction worksheets are so boring and I just get them all wrong anyway.”
  • “This book doesn’t have a plot so I’m not doing it.”

These children are speaking in emotion. It’s their truth.

Let’s listen.

How does this translate to home?

Your child’s learning is the teacher’s responsibility. It is also yours. It is most certainly theirs.

If a child in the classroom, utters “I’m bored, I don’t want to do this.” An evidence-based teacher uses this as evidence. It falls into three categories:

  • Learning is too hard
  • Learning is too easy
  • Learning is not aligned with their interests
Circle of Interest: think about it like our 5km radius here in Melbourne. Anything outside the red radius, may have the children refusing!

Unlike the classrooms that many of us grew up in, education is now dynamic. Why? Our future is dynamic. We are future proofing our children for their careers later in life. Some of their jobs don’t even exist yet!

We tailor the task. Remember how we talked about desire to learn? This is how we create it.

Let’s take our first example, the “do I have to write another recount” child. The answer is no, they don’t have to write a recount. The teacher has set a task, it may not be THEIR task. They DO have to follow the Success Criteria.

Learning Intention: To write interesting recounts

Success Criteria:

  • I can retell what happened
  • I can use connectives to add descriptions
  • I can use interesting adjectives

A ‘weekend’ recount is not mentioned in the objectives. So pause, you KNOW your child. What could they write about? Their first day back at school in Term 2 when they saw their friends face-to-face? Yes. That time when they went to butterfly enclosure at the Zoo? You bet cha!bThat moment they got drive-thru McDonalds during lockdown? Absolutely.

Ideally every task is tweaked for every learner. We call it personalised learning.

Remote learning is often coupled with remote working, so this makes it tough. Try it, for just one task this week. Just to unveil how much your child can achieve when interested and motivated within a task. That’s what we strive for. Engagement.

To see how I have personalised our other two examples with Success Criteria agency, click here OR…

Email one in!

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