Sarah Donald, Primary School Educator

Bachelor of Science – Deakin University

Masters in Teaching (Primary) – The University of Melbourne

Good morning (cha cha cha) Miss Donald (cha cha cha).

I am Miss Donald, a primary school educator from the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria.

I’ve spent 9 years in schools, but have stepped outside the playgrounds to raise my first child this year. Before pausing, I led ‘Student Engagement’ across a school of almost 900 children and coaching of 60 educational staff. Through my leadership, I had a global role within Monash University in ‘Building Educational Leadership for Change,’ The University of Melbourne’s ‘Science of Learning’ Research Centre network and Harvard University’s evidence-based learning approach ‘Data Wise.’

Fortunately, I have spent time alongside incredible leaders within a fast-paced, growing and high achieving organisation. Through my time within the school that is a member of the ‘Council of International Schools’ it became clear to me that high expectations for success positively impact achievement at a system, staff and student outcomes level.

And so I leave the best until last. My proudest achievement. I have led a ‘Community Relations Committee’ within School Council, shifting from a fundraising committee to a team that educates their parent community on how to implement learning strategies from the classroom to home education. A key part of whole school improvement to me, is linking the school space to home.

This is where the magic of impact happens.

(image source: https://adastra.fit.edu/blog/copla/scienceminute/302-living-space-and-cognition/attachment/brain-puzzle/)

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